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  • Day ticket fishing rules

    • On our lake, You can only fish with a valid fishing license issued by a Hungarian fishing organisation or MOHOSZ. National and local tickets are issued under the 2013 year CII law and it’s additional paragraps. Valid national fishing license is required for foreign fishermans too.

    • A Day Ticket costs 3000 HUF. On our lake only Catch and Release fishing allowed. You can’t use a keeping net. The buyer of the ticket can use maxiumum 2 rods, and one hook on each rig. Fishing with one rod costs 1500 HUF. After fishing, You can buy fish from the keeping net near the Guardhouse.

    • It is possible to book spots on the dam paralell to Dózsa György street. The booked spots are kept until 07:00am (Local time) and after that, it will be given to people without bookings.

    • When coming to us, You need to have a proper fish mat with walls and a fish aid. If you unfortunatelly don’t have those things You can rent them here.

    • Guest coming to us with a day ticket are allowed to feed by SPOMB or SPOD, throwing stick or paste lead and method feeder (feeder cage). Method mix balling in is not allowed! The maxiumum amout of feeding allowed is 5kg/day/dayticket, but method mix and cooked seeds should only be 3kg. The quality and weight of the material to be fed will be inspected by the Fishery Manager after purchasing the ticket. Soaked seeds are not allowed. Feeding dog food is not allowed either.

    • Only fish safe rigs are allowed, wich looses the lead after a crackoff. It will be inspected randomly. When tying the rig You can not use swivels over a lead wich stops it to fall off after a crackoff. Braided main line is not allowed, however you can use braid as a shockleader. In protection of the fish, rods over 4m length and test curve higher than 3.75lb are only allowed to be used as a spod rod. Rodlengths for feeder rods are not regulated.

• Strictly forbidden marking or concision of the fish. You have 10 minutes to unhook and treate a fish. That timeframe can and will be checked randomly (even with a telescope). Every fish caught should be treated in the best possible way. People acting roughly with fish will be banned from the site. Photograping the fish can only be done in a squatting position while holding the fish above the mat. Before placing the fish on the mat, please spalsh the mat with water from the lake.

• When You are done with fishing, you should show your luggage to the Fishery Manager and in special cases you will need to show your car and unpack it if the Fishery Manager asks You to do it. Visitors are also treated like fishermans.


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