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General Measures

At our fishery, you must have a national fishing lincese to be able to buy territorial licenses.  2013. years CII. Law about fish farming and fish protection, thats points and additions prevail the national and territorial licenses. Foreigners must have a valid national license too.
On the Lake Harsany, only those persons are allowed fishing who is a member of the club. The members are composed of the anglers who previously fished here. New member can only be added by recommendation of a member. If someone never fished here before, He will need a members personal safeguarding.

By buying and the territorial licenses You automatically accept that parking is only allowed next to the Guard House in the car park.

Going on to the dam by car is stickly forbidden!

You can only take fishing spots that are appointed, about that you bound to get information. Boilie fishing spots are marked on a map that you can find on our websites XY menu. Day ticked fishing spots are marked directly on the lake shore.

Fixtures like benches or toilets should be used as it functions. You need to take care of these things and leave them in the state you found them.

Any rubbish should be placed in the containers near the lake. Leaving rubbish in the swim may cause you sanctions.


Swimming in the lake is forbidden.

Ruining other peoples good time by drinking too much alcohol may cause you problemes. The Fishery Manager can ban you from the site.

The lake is a private area and it is protected by our guards after opening time. Please don’t do any kind of fishing after opening time. The opening time changes with the seasons, you can get information about that in the Guard House.



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